Kohinoor's Memoir

And it all fades to black.

Asia Perkins

~about me
I'm Asia. I live on the zany side of life and I have a lot of fun there. I'm someone that people randomly confide in even if they barely know me. That used to put a lot of pressure on me i past because I wasn't ready for the responsibilities that come with that. I had other things to work out first. Now that has all changed. I'm a different person now and can handle that responsibility because of my achievements. I'm an aspiring writer and will double major in English and Psychology. I'm excited for it. I'll post random stories that I've found around the house. Most of the stories will be old of course. And they'll be out of order.
Well, I'm obsessed with quite a lot of things. I have a large collection of anime and manga that range from well-known to really obscure. I'm obsessed with jrock and jpop. Also korean, chinese, german, and russian music. I have an obsession with Twilight as well. Don't judge. I'm not a crazy crazy fangirl. I just like the idea of vampires and it happened to be a source of escape. I'm obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas. You have no idea. I almost bought the store out when I went to Disneyland. I'll probably update my obsessions as time goes on.

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